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When we just arrived to South Africa we understood that the dogs on a farm are the best companions and assistants. First we’ve got Boerboels, then we found out about the “true” South African dog - Rhodesian Ridgebacks. 

Ridgebacks origin comes from indigionos ridged hunting dogs of the Khoikhoi people. This beutiful and agile breed recived its name for the ability to keep a lion at bay by surraunding it in circle while awaiting for the master. Thats how they recived their second name- “Lion’s Dog”.

Our story began in 2011 when we recieved our Thandi and Zulu from Free State. Our pups came from one of the oldest and best bloodlines in South Africa. These dogs showed themselves as a good watch dogs and loyal friends.

Zulu has HD A1:A1, ED 00 , free from Colour Dilutions (blue gene) and Thandy HD A1:A1, ED 00, 7 lumbar vertebra. They have some Championes in the bloodline, even an uncle Bestik in far away Russia who became a Champion there.

                                             Our Family

                                             We are responsible for those who we tamed"


  Our dogs are very special friends and part of our family. No matter how big or small, pure breed or no breed, all of them have eaqual amount of attention and care. Our dogs were raised in natural environment. They run, swim, chase horses and a cow (she doesn’t mind), and chew (well that was a long time ago!). What ever concerns our animals, there are no corners cut for us!

 We are happy owners of funtastic Rhodesian Ridgebacks, gentle giants Boerboels, small Fox Terrier and a Russian Dvor Terrier (VERY special breed).

…And recently we've welcomed Central Asian Shepard Dog (Alabai) Masha into our family.

Masha is still a 7 moths old puppy but she’s growing into a giant intellegent dog. She loves to educate herself in her spare time: "study" French, “read” classics like Jack London. Also she is trying herself in a landscape design in the garden.

        Masha and her 8 months old wolf friend Maia (frendship was infuenced by “reading” Jack London “White Fang” obviously). Masha is 6 months and Maia is 8 months old on this photo.

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